A4700.00 Grievance Procedure

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Type: Administrative
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Unless otherwise stated in the employee’s notice of employment, the following will apply.  Nothing stated herein shall be construed to grant an employee the right to file a grievance based on any action taken by the Board concerning matters such as employee discipline, suspension, and dismissal.



A grievance shall mean a complaint by an employee that there has been as to him/her a misapplication or misinterpretation of this policy manual.


Informal Resolution

The parties are encouraged to resolve through informal discussions any grievance as defined herein.  Such informal discussions are not to be construed as a part of the grievance procedure.



If such informal discussions do not lead to a satisfactory resolution of a grievance as defined herein, the grievance shall be processed according to the following procedure.  The term “days” as used in the following procedure refers to days the College is open (i.e., when administrative offices are open), unless otherwise indicated.


First Step:

(1) If the employee is unable to resolve a grievance informally, a written statement of the grievance shall be prepared, signed, and delivered to the appropriate Vice-President within five (5) calendar days after the first event giving rise to the grievance.  The written grievance shall specify the section or  sections of the policy manual that are allegedly violated, misinterpreted, or misapplied, the full facts on which the grievance is based and the specific relief requested.

(2) Within five (5) days after the written grievance is submitted, a meeting shall be held with the grievant’s Vice-President or his/her designee to resolve the grievance at a time mutually agreed to by all parties concerned.

(3) The Vice-President or his/her designee will answer the grievance in writing within five (5) days after such meeting.


Second Step:

(1) If the employee is not satisfied with the first step decision, the grievance may be referred to the College President within five (5) days after the first step answer is provided.

(2) Within five (5) days thereafter, a meeting shall be held between the employee, the President or his/her designee and other appropriate administrative personnel.  The College President shall deliver an answer in writing to the grievant within five (5) days after such meeting with said answer to contain the decision of the College President and the reasons therefore.


Third Step:

If the employee is not satisfied with the second step decisions, that Board will consider the    grievance at the next regular Board meeting.  The Board, in its sole discretion, has the option of either summarily affirming the college President’s decision or setting the grievance down for a hearing on a subsequent date.  In either option, the decision of the Board of Trustees is final and conclusive.  The grievant will be notified by the college President of the Board’s decision within five days after the meeting of the Board of Trustees that disposes of the grievance.


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