A2400 Instructional Excellence


Policy Type: Administrative
Responsible: VP, Academic Affairs
Related Policies: B1003, B1004, B1005, B1006, B1007, B1008, B1009, A2100, A2200, A2300
Linked Procedures: A2400.00, A2400.05, A2400.10, A2400.11, A2400.15, A2400.20, A2400.25, A2400.30
Related Laws: None
Related Standards: Quality Matters
HLC Criterion: 3A3A The rigor of the institution’s academic offerings is appropriate to higher education., 3C3C The institution has the faculty and staff needed for effective, high-quality programs and student services., 4A4A The institution ensures the quality of its educational offerings., 4B4B The institution engages in ongoing assessment of student learning as part of its commitment to the educational outcomes of its students.

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Policy Statement

The College is committed to promoting instructional excellence to ensure the highest quality of education for our learners. We believe effective teaching practices are fundamental to learner success and the overall mission of our College.

We are committed to developing high teaching standards that are learner-centered by providing flexible scheduling, delivering instruction in multiple modalities that meet the diverse needs of learners, and by engaging in effective communication that provides feedback and checks for understanding throughout the learning process. As such, this policy aims to ensure that learners are optimally engaged through carefully selected and affordable course materials, the use of innovative research-based teaching practices, and the continuous improvement of teaching through course assessment and the evaluation of student outcomes.

To those ends, the College’s VPAA is directed to collaborate with the College administration, faculty, and staff to develop, cultivate, and continuously improve standards of teaching and instructional excellence.


Change Log
Date Description of Change Governance Unit
3.28.24 Initial Adoption Academic Affairs