A1000 Shared Governance


Policy Type: Administrative
Responsible: President
Related Policies: B2005; ALL Administrative Policies
Linked Procedures: All Administrative Procedures
Related Laws: None
Related Standards: AAUP; AGB; AAC&U
HLC Criterion: 5A5A Through its administrative structures and collaborative processes, the institution’s leadership demonstrates that it is effective and enables the institution to fulfill its mission.

A1000 Shared Governance PDF


Policy Statement

As a fundamental principle, the College thrives when diverse groups of people participate in the decision-making process, understand developments within the College, and contribute as true partners in an equitable manner. To support this principle and foster an inclusive organizational climate focused on mutual respect, transparency, and open communication, the College employs a collaborative decision-making structure and process which embraces the tenants of shared governance.

With a focused purpose of encouraging successful organizational outcomes and the continuous improvement of the College’s student learning and support systems, shared governance allows employee input into decisions that influence strategic priorities, administrative policies, rules, guidelines, procedures, and plans through the establishment of defined roles with a clear designation of public accountability.

As it pertains to collaborative decision-making in a shared governance system, the College recognizes that “shared” does not mean that every constituency gets to participate at every stage; nor does it mean that any constituency exercises complete control over the process. Further, shared governance does not usurp administrative authority to make operational decisions, supersede collective bargaining agreements, or infringe on faculty academic freedoms. The key to genuine and effective shared governance is continuous transparent communication in ways that nurture mutual respect and inclusion between all stakeholder groups.

To demonstrate these guiding values, the College will develop, operate, and continuously improve a shared governance system. Further, the College will develop and periodically update a shared governance manual. The shared governance manual will be made publicly available for all to review.


Change Log
Date Description of Change Governance Unit
12.20.20 Initial Adoption President
08.05.23 Annual Update; template conversion; minor grammatical Executive Council