A3400.35 Clubs and Organizations Contd.

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The extra-curricular and co-curricular life is as extensive as the students wish to make it.

On-campus art exhibits, dance programs, musical concerts, and other activities are representative of discipline-specific clubs and organizations and the sponsoring departments.


Student Senate

The Student Senate is primarily responsible for promoting the welfare of the student body and the development and guidance of student social and cultural activities. This organization is made up of seven (7) students, including one representative from each extension center, elected by a college-wide referendum.

Three (3) sophomores will be elected during each spring semester, and four (4) freshmen will be elected at the beginning of each fall semester. Students with fewer than thirty (30) credit hours will be considered freshmen; those with 30 or more credit hours will be considered sophomores.

All official Student Senate activities must be pre-approved by the Vice President of Student Success and Services.

Participation requirements

  1. Eligibility – to be eligible for the Student Senate, a Shawnee Community College student must
    1. Be a full-time student carrying 12 or more hours.
    2. Be in good standing with Shawnee Community College (must not be on academic or conduct probation).
    3. Have an overall grade point average of 2.50 to gain and maintain membership (does not apply to first semester freshman).
    4. Initiate membership in the semester in which the winning election occurs, and it can be maintained for three (3) consecutive semesters (fall, spring, summer).
  2. Failure to meet these requirements will result in automatic loss of Student Senate membership.
  3. The Shawnee Community College Student Senate meets regularly and is occasionally called into special session upon approval of the Vice President of Student Success and
  4. The Vice President of Student Success and Services or his/her representative must be present for a meeting to be considered official.



Representatives for all proposed clubs must file a proposed constitution with the Vice President of Student Success and Services. This document should contain a statement of purposes for that organization. The Vice President of Student Success and Services will then forward the constitution to the President along with a recommendation for approval or denial of club recognition and reasons therefore. The President will review the material submitted and return the material to the Vice-President with approval or indications for revisions to be made.  In the event of a controversial issue, it may be brought before the Board of Trustees.

New student organizations may be organized by contacting the Vice President of Student Success and Services who will work with the organizers to help organize the club.

All clubs must have a faculty or professional staff member to serve as the sponsor. All clubs shall operate under the direct control and supervision of the Vice President of Student Success and Services.

Organizations that stand recognized as chartered organizations are listed below:


Ag/Advocates Club

Drama Club

Phi Theta Kappa

Art Club

Esports Club

Phi Beta Lambda

Book Club

Future Teacher Organization

Scholastic Bowl

Campus Christian Community

History Club

Social Work Club

Cosmetology Club

Math/Science Club

Veterans Club


Music Club

Writers Club

Criminal Justice Club

Nursing Student Association



When appropriate, all clubs should generate funds through dues and/or fundraising activities, but no fundraising activities will be permitted unless approved by the club sponsor and the Vice President of Student Affairs. All club funds shall be turned in to the College Business Office and expended via the College requisition/purchase order process. Club monies may be used in support of an outside group or individual but must be used in support of the club or Shawnee Community College.


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