Dual Credit

Dual Credit is a course of study allowing high school students to gain knowledge and skills through a sequence of both academic and CTE courses, preparing students for lifelong learning.

Dual Credit at SCC is a partnership with all 12 local high schools. This partnership enables high school students to begin earning college credit while simultaneously earning high school credit, all while within their own high school environment.


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All state laws, ICCB regulations, accreditation standards, specified by the Higher Learning Commission, and local college policies, that apply to courses, instructional procedures and academic standards at the college apply to college-level courses offered by the college on campus, at off-campus sites, and at secondary schools. These policies, regulations, instructional procedures and academic standards apply to students, faculty and staff associated with these courses.

Shawnee Community College Adheres to the Administrative Rules Set by the Illinois Community College Board in section 1501.507

Advanced Placement for Dual Credit Requirements

Shawnee Community College accepts credit from Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations. This program allows high school students to earn college credit by successfully completing the AP or IB examinations. To receive Shawnee Community College credit, students must earn a score of 3, 4, or 5, on the College Board Advanced Placement examination or a subject score of 4 or higher for IB Diploma Programme subjects accepted for credit. 
Students seeking AP/IB credit must request the original score report be sent to the Registrar. Credit received from AP/IB examinations will not count in the current semester hours and does not calculate in part-time/full-time status and/or toward financial aid. Credit granted will appear on the student’s transcript.