TRiO Talent Search

TRiO Talent Search provides college information and career guidance to high school and middle school students. The project is federally funded by the Department of Education and sponsored by Shawnee Community College in Ullin, Illinois. Talent Search Academic Specialist work in cooperation with the middle school and high school counselors and teachers with support from Shawnee Community College administrators and target school administrators.


Middle School Assessment

High School Assessment

Teacher/Counselor Recommendation


What can TRiO Talent Search do for me?

TRiO Talent Search can provide you with direct help in:

  • Selecting proper classes
  • Building self-esteem
  • Preparing for and taking practice ACT
  • Completing applications for colleges
  • Visiting campuses
  • Taking cultural tours
  • Fee waivers for ACT testing for those who qualify
  • Completing financial aid application (FAFSA).


How Do I Get Involved?

Your TRiO Talent Search Academic Specialist will be available for further assistance in helping you to complete your Membership Application, or you may contact our TRiO Talent Search Office at (618) 634-3204.


Why TRiO?

Creating an Opportunity

For many Americans, a college education seems like an impossible dream. For others, higher education is beyond their dreams.

The barriers to equal educational opportunity are double-edged. In addition to economic barriers, there are also class, social, and cultural barriers that limit access to higher education.

Many young people and their parents simply do not know the value, advantages, availability and the requirements of a college education.

Many high school youth are not encouraged at home or at school to consider post-secondary education. Nor do they understand the importance of taking high school courses that will help them prepare for college. All too often, those students who do make it to college tend to be under prepared academically.

Students are often unaware of the cost of post-secondary education, their eligibility for financial aid programs or how to apply. Many lack confidence in themselves and their ability to learn.

Our nation has reacted to this situation and has asserted a commitment to providing educational opportunity for all Americans regardless of race, ethnic background or economic circumstances.

In support of this commitment, Congress established a series of programs to help disadvantaged students enter college, graduate and move on to participate more fully in America’s economic and social life. These programs are funded under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 and are known as Federal TRiO Programs.

TRiO Programs reach out with the light of opportunity where there is none. TRiO Programs help provide opportunity where non exist. TRiO Programs create opportunity.

Educational Talent Search, one of the original TRiO Programs, is an outreach program that provides educational guidance counseling, and support for middle and high school students, high school dropouts, and high school graduates. In addition to counseling, Educational Talent Search Programs provide information about college admission requirements, the availability of scholarships and student financial aid programs as well as assistance completing and submitting admission and financial aid applications.

Most Educational Talent Search Programs reflect the concern that without early intervention, many students would be lost to post-secondary education because they would not be aware of their educational opportunity. Thus, the objective of many Educational Talent Search projects is to identify, encourage and help potentially able students as early as possible.

Our TRiO Programs include Educational Opportunity Centers, Upward Bound, Student Support Services, Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Programs, Training for Special Programs Staff/Leadership Personnel, Veterans Upward Bound, and Upward Bound Math/Science Initiative.