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Contact Erin King @ 618-634-3380 or for more information.

Alexander CountyPick-Up TimeDeparting SCC M-F
East Cape - Carpet Corner6:05am2:10pm or Cairo Bus 4:20pm
Thebes - 1st Baptist Church6:25am2:10pm or Cairo Bus 4:20pm
Olive Branch - Fill Up Mart6:45am2:10pm or Cairo Bus 4:20pm
Tamms - Butcher Block7:10am2:10pm or Cairo Bus 4:20pm
Pulaski - Video Store7:30am2:10pm or Cairo Bus 4:20pm
CairoPick-Up TimeDeparting SCC M-F
Cairo - Dollar General (in-town)6:40am & 8:55am2:10pm & 4:20pm
Cairo - Old Food Town6:45am & 9:00am2:10pm & 4:20pm
Cairo - Talk of the Town6:50am & 9:05am2:10pm & 4:20pm
Mounds - Stop N Shop7:10am & 9:10am2:10pm & 4:20pm
Mound City - Jimmie's IGA Bldg7:20am & 9:20am2:10pm & 4:20pm
Olmsted - Fill Up Mart7:30am & 9:30am2:10pm & 4:20pm
Massac CountyPick-Up TimeDeparting SCC M-F
Metropolis - McDonald's6:50am4:20pm
Metropolis - Big Johns6:55am4:20pm
Metropolis - Casey's (walk-on's only)7:00am4:20pm
Joppa - High School7:15am4:20pm
Karnak - Wilsons Grocery Store7:30am4:20pm
AnnaPick-Up TimeDeparting SCC
Wolf Lake - City Park6:20am2:10pm (MWF) & 4:20pm (M-F)
Save A Lot6:50am2:10pm (MWF) & 4:20pm (M-F)
Ole Skate Barn7:00am2:10pm (MWF) & 4:20pm (M-F)
Anna - Union County Extension Center7:10am2:10pm (MWF) & 4:20pm (M-F)
Dongola - Old gas station across C&S7:25am2:10pm (MWF) & 4:20pm (M-F)
Ullin - Old Train Depo7:35am2:10pm (MWF) & 4:20pm (M-F)
Johnson CountyPick-Up TimeDeparting SCC
Vienna - ROC One Station6:55am4:20pm
Goreville - Grocery Store7:15am4:20pm
West Vienna - Citgo7:25am4:20pm
Cypress - Gas Station7:35am4:20pm