A3200.55 Scholarships Contd.

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Students are to refer to the published Shawnee Community College Scholarship Booklet for the current academic year to learn about specific scholarship requirements and application procedures. Students should carefully read and be aware of the requirements to receive/maintain a scholarship. Students can contact the Shawnee Community College Financial Aid Office for more information regarding scholarship opportunities. Scholarships and tuition waivers are subject to change without notice. All scholarships and tuition waivers are dependent on funding availability and students maintaining the obligations of the scholarship.

In this regard, the College awards the following scholarships to district students:



Valedictorian (Awarded annually to the 12 in-district high school Valedictorians)

Salutatorian (Awarded annually to the 12 in-district high schools Salutatorians)

Award of Excellence 8

Intercollegiate Athletic 70

Men’s Basketball 15

Men’s Baseball 20

Women’s Basketball 15

Softball 20



SCC Scholarship 12

Advanced Honors 8 per school (4 juniors/4 seniors)

12 At-Large (Awarded at Discretion of President)

Trustee up to a maximum of 24 combined with Valedictorian and Salutatorian scholarships

Ambassadors 15

1-70 students in graduating class = 1 per school

71+ students in graduating class = 2 per school

Music (maximum 30 Full Award or 15 Half Award)

Student Trustee 1

Agriculture (maximum 12 Full Award or 15 Half Award)

Intercollegiate (as listed below)

A.D.N. 2 Full-time

L.P.N. 2 Full-time



Student Senate 12 half scholarships

Vice-President’s Scholarship 9

(2 high school equivalency, 2 adult education & 5 non-traditional)

Music (maximum 30 Half Award or 15 if only one semester has been attended)

Agriculture (maximum 12 Half Award

Intercollegiate (as listed below)

Art 5

Scholastic Bowl 6

Pre-engineering 12

Education 12

English 12

Academic Excellence (SSS) 4

Leadership (SSS) 4

A.D.N. 1 Part-time

L.P.N. 1 Part-time


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