A3100.70 Proficiency Credit

Operating Standard

Type: Administrative
Related Policies: A3100
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A student who has acquired knowledge and competency applicable to an educational goal through formal or informal means may earn credit and/or exemption from certain course requirements through proficiency examinations. A student seeking to take a proficiency examination must first see an on-campus advisor to obtain an “Application for Proficiency Examination.” The student should then pay the Proficiency Examination Fee at the Bursar’s Office. The Division Chair responsible for the course should then be contacted by the student. Proficiency examinations are offered at the discretion of the Division Chair responsible for the course subject to the approval of the Vice-President of Academic Affairs and Student Learning The Division Chair will assign a full-time faculty member to administer and score the exam. Credit received from Proficiency Examinations will not count in the current semester hours and, therefore, will not calculate in part-time/full-time status and/or toward financial aid. Credit granted for Proficiency Examinations will appear on the student’s transcript.


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