Student Affairs Council


The Student Affairs Council (SAC) is the primary planning and policy-making committee for the Student Services Division and is responsible for the continuous quality improvement and consistency of the student’s experience with the College’s academic and student support services and programs.

The SAC advises the Vice President of Student Affairs (VPSA) who considers all recommendations made by SAC and endorses those that benefit the College. All approved policy recommendations will be sent to the Executive Council for approval.


SAC Members

Amber SuggsDirector of Student Support Services
Jipaum AskewDirector of Educational Talent Search
John SparksDirector of Athletics
Mindy AshbyDirector of Student Success
Mindy ReachDirector of Recruitment and Enrollment
Dr. Tammy CappsDirector of Financial Aid
Danielle BoydRegistrar
Donna PriceAdvisor
Leslie WeldonCenter Coordinator
Lora ClarkStaff
Robbie WoolridgeFaculty
Teale BettsCoordinator of HS Partnerships & Pathways