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Section 103B‑1 Et Seq. of Chapter 122 of Illinois Revised Statutes, a portion of the Illinois Public Community College Act, outlines how “faculty members” of a community college may obtain tenure, how they may be dismissed from their service with a college and how a reduction in their numbers may be achieved by the College.  Naturally, Shawnee Community College intends to follow the dictates of that statute.  There are, however, certain terms contained in said statute that require further definition in order to permit a clear understanding and application of the statute.

The aforementioned statute, inter alia, provides that a “faculty member” employed by the district for a period of three (3) consecutive years shall enter upon tenure unless dismissed as further provided in the statute.  Section 103B‑1 defines a “faculty member” as follows: “Faculty member” means a full‑time employee of the district regularly engaged in teaching or academic support service, but excluding supervisors, administrators and clerical employees.”

Some of the terms in the foregoing definition of “faculty member” need clarification.  Accordingly, the Board of Trustees of Shawnee Community College shall adopt the following definitions in regard to its application of the aforesaid portion of the Illinois Public Community College Act to faculty members of Shawnee Community College.


  1. Full‑time employees (not part‑time employees)

“Full‑time employees”, which excludes part‑time employees, shall, for any school year, mean and include any employee who meets with any of the following conditions:

  1. Such employee is engaged exclusively in teaching and services directly related thereto consisting of at least 30 equated credit hours per school year and performs primarily on‑campus services directly related to such teaching for an additional 10 clock hours each week during the school year including, but not limited to, maintaining office hours for students, tutoring students, preparing for class, grading, academic advising, and serving on academic or faculty committees.


  1. Regularly Engaged.

“Regularly engaged” shall, for purposes hereof, mean and require that the faculty member be engaged in teaching or academic support services, or a combination thereof, more than fifty percent of the time.  In determining time devoted, actual hours will be considered.  An employee will not be considered regularly engaged in teaching, for example, if such employee teaches a one‑half course load and supervisory or administrative duties are otherwise performed.


  1. Academic Support Services.

“Academic Support Services” shall mean and include those services performed by professional staff members required to exercise professional judgment and discretion rather than managerial, classified, or clerical employees, which directly and specifically support the teaching or academic activities of the community college.


  1. Supervisor.

“Supervisor” means and includes any individuals having:

  1. The duty, responsibility, or authority to recommend the employment, transfer, suspension, dismissal, promotion, assignment, reward, discipline or other matters regarding the employment of other individuals; or,
  2. To adjust or attempt to adjust the grievances of such other individuals; or
  3. To direct such other individuals and their activities.

Any such duty, responsibility, or authority shall not be of a merely routine or clerical nature, but requiring the use of independent judgment.


  1. Administrator.

“Administrator” means and includes any individuals who manage, conduct, direct or superintend the execution, application or conduct of persons, things or operations of the Board of Trustees of the community college.  The term shall be deemed to include personnel assisting administrators in such administrative activities as their principal function.  Administrators shall include but not be limited to the following positions:  Vice-President of Instructional Services and Vice-President of Student and Administrative Services, Chief Financial Officer, Dean of Instructional Services, Dean of Adult Education and Alternative Instruction, Dean of Student Administrative Services.


  1. Administrative Support Services

“Administrative Support Services” shall mean and include those services performed by professional staff members who are required to exercise professional judgment and discretion and administrative support assistance rather than managerial or supervisory, which directly and specifically supports the key administrative positions of the community college.  The minimum education level required for these positions will be a bachelor’s degree.


  1. Classified/Support Employees. 

“Classified/Support Employees” means and includes every full and part‑time employee who is not regularly engaged in teaching or academic support services, and is neither a supervisor nor administrator.  Clerical employees shall include, but not be limited to, the following positions:  clerks, receptionists, executive secretary I & II, lab assistants, bookstore assistants, executive assistants, administrative assistants, administrative support services staff, and maintenance assistants.


  1. The foregoing definitions shall yield to the express declarations or definitions contained in an    employee’s individual notice of employment.


  1. Tenure.

Any full‑time faculty member employed for a period of three consecutive years shall enter into tenure unless dismissed by the Board sixty days prior to the end of the school year and as is otherwise provided by     the Tenure Act Chapter 122, Section 103B‑2.


Revised:  July 2007, July 2016


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