B4001.01 Board Organization


Following each election and canvass, the new board shall hold its organizational meeting on or before the 28th day after the election (110 ILCS 805/3-8). Within five working days after the convening of the newly elected board or the new board as provided in Section 3-8 of the Act, the chair of the board of trustees shall certify in writing to the ICCB that the board of trustees has been organized. The certification shall include the name of the chair, vice chair, and the secretary and state the time and place of regular meetings. If the board, by resolution, establishes a policy for the terms of office to be one year, instead of the normal two years, or provides for the election of officers for the remaining one year, a copy of this resolution shall also accompany the certification (Administrative Rules of the Illinois Community College Board, Section 1501.202).


These procedures are designed to ensure Board organization.

  1. Student Trustee: Student members shall serve a term of one year beginning on April 15 of each year, except that the student member initially selected shall serve a term beginning on the date of selection and expiring on the next succeeding June 30.
  2. All Trustees: All Trustees will complete an Acceptance of Office and an Affidavit of Eligibility.


The process for Board Organization include:

  1. Resolution to Accept the Consolidated Election Results
    A certified copy of the election results is received from the Pulaski County Clerk
    and Recorder.
    A declaration of election results is red by the Board Secretary.
  2. Adjournment of the previously elected Board (Sine Die)
    The term of the new Board commences after the old Board adjourns Sine Dine (e.g., final adjournment without expectation of future action).
  3. Call to order of the newly elected board
  4. Board Organization
  5. Appointment of a Temporary Officer
    Each officer shall hold his/her position until Board again reorganizes. This language provides the opportunity for Trustee(s) to serve as temporary officers until the Board elects new officers.
  6. Administering Oath of Office and Seating of Newly Elected Trustees
    The Temporary Secretary administers the Oath of Office.
    The Board reorganizes.
  7. Election of Board Officers
    Office of the Chairperson
    Office of the Vice Chairperson
    Office of the Secretary
  8. Consideration of Appointment of Board Delegates
    Liaison to Professional Associations
    Liaison to Saints Foundation
  9. Consideration of Appointment of Board Committees
    Board Finance Committee
    Ad Hoc Board Committee(s)
  10. Adopt Resolution to Confirm the Schedule of Regular Board Meetings
  11. Adopt Resolution to Accept the Rules, Regulations, & Action of Prior Boards
  12. Declaration on Discharge of Duties (Board Resolution)
  13. Adopt Ceremonial Resolution Honoring Exiting Trustee(s)


Change Log

Date of Change Description of Change Governance Unit
06-15-23 Added Procedure Board of Trustees