Shawnee Community College Presents Balanced Budget

ULLIN, IL (July 27, 2023) – Shawnee Community College has started the 2024-2025 fiscal year by presenting a surplus budget to the Board of Trustees. The operating fund is at $13,880,253 and expenses are expected to be $13,837,674, with a surplus of $42,579.


On Thursday, the Board approved the 2024-25 budget. A public hearing will be held on August 29. Following that, the Board of Trustees is expected to approve the budget on Thursday, September 21. 


“In addition to having completely revised the budgeting process, tying it to the strategic plan, the team has been excellent stewards of the public trust and take, very seriously, their responsibility to do so. This is YOUR community college. These are YOUR tax dollars. And we, as the trustees of YOUR community college, along with its administration, faculty, and staff, are committed to continuous improvement, increasing student enrollment, creating new and innovative programs, restoring our facilities, enhancing our staff and student experience, and delivering exceptional service and programming to the public,” said SCC Board of Trustees Chairperson Steve Heisner.


In the spring, the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) recognized Shawnee Community College with the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for the fiscal year 2023 budget.


“We are proud to present not just a balanced budget this fiscal year but one that has a surplus. This ensures that Shawnee Community College will continue to provide quality education and services to everyone in our community,” said Shawnee Community College Vice President of Administrative Services Chris Clark.


The public may review the budget by visiting this webpage.