Committee Charge – Presiden’t Cabinet


Committee Name: President’s Cabinet

Committee Type: Administrative – Operations

Mission/Purpose: The President’s Cabinet (PC) serves as the major operational decision-making body of the College and is responsible for creating and sustaining a vibrant entrepreneurial culture that is focused on helping students achieve their learning goals in a safe and supportive environment. The PC develops, nurtures, and facilitates collaborative decision-making through inclusive and intentional communication with the effective allocation of resources throughout the College.

Scope of Responsibility: The PC shall:

  • Oversee College operations and ensure employee efforts are optimized towards the attainment of the College’s strategic goals and the Board’s strategic outcomes.
  • Review and make recommendations on ideas, strategies, emerging from campus-wide dialogue and review progress in achieving goals.
  • Promote collaboration among divisions, departments, programs, and employees throughout the College to facilitate the achievement of goals, initiatives and projects.
  • Facilitate input from, and communication with, a broad-based campus and community population.
  • Evaluate and recommend improvements to the College’s strategic and annual planning processes.
  • Assess the College’s budget and recommend allocation priorities.
  • Ensure college compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  • Recommend Marketing & Public Relations initiatives.
  • Review Institutional Effectiveness efforts and use key performance metrics to improve operational practices.
  • Delegate operational decision-making authority to the most appropriate level in the organization and ensure alignment of employee effort.
  • Provide guidance to all levels of the organization to assist with planning, implementation, and evaluation of organizational strategy/initiatives.
  • Ensure operational processes and activities promote institutional effectiveness, through informed data-driven decision-making, collaboration, assessment, communication, coordination, and refinement.
  • Make recommendations to the President regarding the implementation and progress of major college-wide planning and initiatives.
  • Develop and monitor implementation of the College’s strategic plan.
  • Review Strategic Plan Board Monitoring Reports.
  • Receive and review periodic updates and reports from operational committees and employees.

Policy Responsibility: None.

Reporting: The PC advises the President. The President will consider all recommendations made by the PC and endorse those that benefit the College.

Associated Committees: Executive Council, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council, Academic Leadership Team, Student Affairs Leadership Team, and Administrative Services Leadership Team

Composition: VP’s, Executive Directors, Deans, Directors, & Executive Assistant to the President

Meeting Dates: Monday’s from 10:00a – 12:00p.