Committee Charge – Administrative Services Council


Committee Name: Administrative Services Council

Committee Type: Administrative – Policy

Mission/Purpose: The Administrative Services (AS) Council is the primary planning and policy-making committee for the Administrative Services Division and is responsible for the continuous quality improvement and consistency of the College’s business, finance, information technology, and infrastructure improvement activities.

Scope of Responsibility: The AS Council shall:

  • Oversee AS policy, procedure, and guideline development.
  • Develop, implement, and evaluate AS policy in the following areas: financial/fiscal operations, budgeting, purchasing, auxiliary operations, risk management, grants, contracts, inventory control, information management, information security, technology standards, building/grounds, plant operations,
    construction, facility usage, and emergency operations.
  • Ensure AS policies comply with Federal, State, and local laws/regulations.
  • Ensure AS processes, accreditation processes, integrated plans, and activities promote institutional effectiveness, through informed data-driven decision making, collaboration, assessment, communication, coordination, and refinement.
  • Review all AS policies, procedures, and guidelines to ensure they align with externally recognized best practices.
  • Make recommendations to the Vice President of Administrative Services (VPAS) regarding the implementation and progress of major college-wide AS initiatives.
  • Implement strategic plan initiatives assigned to the VPAS.
  • Develop and review AS related Board Monitoring Reports.
  • Receive and review periodic updates and reports from teams.
  • Serve as a communication conduit to the College.
  • Assist in maintaining accreditation requirements for HLC.
  • Develop or suspend committees as needed through use of ad-hoc groups to research, analyze, and make recommendations.

Policy Responsibility: Business & Financial Services (A5xxx), Information Technology (A6xxx), and College Facility (A7xxx).

Reporting: The AS Council reports to the VPAS. The VPAS will consider all recommendations made by the AS Council and approve those that are informed by best practice and compliant with applicable law. All approved recommendations will be forwarded to the Executive Council for final review and adoption.

Associated Committees: Executive Council, Business & Finance Team, Technology Team, Facility Team, Risk Management Team, and the Administrative Services Leadership Team.

Composition: Director of Business Services, Director of Information Technology Services, Director of Facility Services, Bookstore Manager, Faculty (2), Staff (2),
Administrator from Academic Affairs (1), and an Administrator from Student Affairs (1)

Meeting Dates: Second Wednesday of Month from 10:00a – 12:00p.