Computer Systems and Security Specialist

Program Summary

The computer systems and security specialist degree includes training in the areas of programming, logic, analysis and design, computer operations, operating systems, database, data communications, advanced computer application packages, networks, security and assurance of system functionality. The curriculum will give the student a thorough background in computers, which is required to compete in today’s business, industry, and government job environments. The student will be trained through classroom experience, “hands-on” computer operations, and practical applications.

This 2+2 program will transfer into the Information Management Systems program at SIU-C.

This program has been identified as a TECH PREP program.


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First Year Courses

Fall SemesterCredit Hours
BUS 210Principles of Management3
COM 111Business Computer Systems4
COM 201Windows Operating Systems1
COM 189Networking Technologies3
COM 225Systems Analysis3
MAT 110 or MAT 210General Education Mathematics
or General Elementary Statistics
Spring SemesterCredit Hours
COM 133Linux Operating Systems and Network2
COM 222Computer Logic3
COM 246Introduction to Cybersecurity3
COM 265Command Prompt-Windows2
SPC 111Speech3

Second Year Courses

Fall SemesterCredit Hours
COM 218Security + Certification3
COM 227Database Management Systems3
COM 244A+ Certification3
COM 247Python Programming3
COM 281Microsoft Excel2
ENG 111English Composition3
Spring SemesterCredit Hours
BUS 225Business Communication3
COM 196Computer Systems Internship2
COM 231C Programming3
COM 241Windows Server Networking3
ECO 211 or ECO 212Introduction to Macroeconomics (Fall)
or Introduction to Microeconomics (Spring)
PSY 211Introduction to Psychology3

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