In-Person Rolling Commencement Set for May 14th at 5:00p.m.


Shawnee Community College announced today that the college would hold an in-person “Rolling Commencement” for spring 2021 graduates on Friday, May 14th beginning at 5:00 pm on SCC’s Main Campus in Ullin. The college will hold the event in two on-campus locations simultaneously in the Education Center and the Edward Smith Gymnasium. 

“Our Rolling Commencement provides students with an opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments face-to-face, an experience Dr. Taylor (SCC’s president) and the campus community wanted to provide for our students,” said Mrs. Jacqueline Smith, Administrative Assistant to Vice President of Student Success and Services. Students who participate in the ceremony will have an opportunity to receive photos during the event. Family members will also  be allowed to attend during the time when degrees or certificates are conferred.

All eligible students were mailed information packets outlining the process for participating in commencement. Interested students are encouraged to order their cap & gown by visiting: Orders may be placed through April 22nd, and students must RSVP by April 30th to participate in the event. 

For more information on Commencement at Shawnee Community College, please contact Mrs. Jacqueline Smith at (618) 634-3382 or by email at