Annuitants Association

Mission Statement

To provide a unified voice in the protection of our retirement investment by acting in concert with other Annuitant Associations across the state. To provide a vehicle by which our voice will be heard through lobby in Springfield. To increase our numbers and become more politically active in protection of the retirement investment.


Who We Are

Membership is open to all retirees of the State University Retirement System (SURS), their spouses AND to current contributors to SURS.


Officers of SCCAA

  • President – Beth Darden
  • Vice-President – Jean Ellen Boyd
  • Treasurer – Renee Wright
  • Secretary – Madonna Slife

Current membership: 33


Current Concerns

A. Proposals by the Governor

  1. Dedicate $200 million from new graduated income tax revenue
  2. Issue $2 billion pension obligation bond
  3. Pension task force
  4. Make pension buyout program permanent
  5. Extend funding schedule; hit 90% by 2052 instead of 2045

B. Strength in numbers

  1. We need all former and current SCC employees to join to make our voice louder.
  2. Encourage spouses to join.

C. Cost

Current dues are $36.00 per year. The cost of a soft drink per pay period will help insure that the fund is intact when it is time for your retirement.


Contact for More Information

Beth Darden | SCCAA President
Phone: (618) 657-2288