Workshops and Activities

Student Support Services Advisors organize a variety of workshops and seminars, which address topics such as financial literacy, stress management, healthy living, career exploration, transferring from a two-year to four-year institution, test anxiety, and study skills.

In addition to SSS workshops, the program offers transfer trips and cultural exposure. The transfer trips are scheduled throughout the year and include visits to SEMO, Murray, and SIU-C every fall and spring semester. Opportunities to visit other schools will be available during the summer semester.

Students are encouraged to attend on-campus and community-based, SSS-sponsored cultural events. Motivational speakers and other performances will be brought on-campus each semester in the Educational Center. Off-campus events include fine arts programs at area colleges and universities, performances at the Paducah Carson Center and St. Louis’s Fabulous Fox theatre, and visits to local museums and other similar venues.