Make-Up Exams

For Students

If you are interested in making up an exam you missed during a regularly scheduled class, please contact your teacher to see if you are permitted to make-up the exam.

Request that the exam be sent to the Testing Center or check if your instructor has already delivered the exam to us. Your exam will be filed under the instructors name, so bring your SCC ID; you will need your ID# to sign into the Testing Center. Your instructor may place an expiration date on your exam, so please make sure you are aware of your deadline(s).

If you must miss a test in class, your instructor will ask you to make an appointment in the Student Success Center in order to complete the missed exam.

Make Appointment


For Instructors

If you are interested in using the Testing Center for student make-up exams, please submit the Make Up Test Request Form to the Testing Center with the exam at least 24 hours in advance.




There are no fees at this time for make-up tests.



The Student Success Center serves as a proctored area for students to test. Your test will be scored by your instructor.



We act as a proctor for exams, and as such, exercise no control over the availability of your test.

Your instructor will give us information as to how the test will be administered. They will inform us of any special needs of the student and what material the student will be allowed to have present during the test.


Day of the Make-Up

Please bring only the necessary items for testing: pen, pencil etc. if possible. You will not be allowed to use any unauthorized materials by your instructor. If you are caught doing such, testing will stop immediately and all testing materials will be collected at that time.

You will be asked to sign and date the proctor form that your instructor has completed before and after the test. This has specific instructions from your instructor for us to follow.