Library Policies

Book collection - 2 weeks
Magazines - 2 days
DVDs - 1 week

Reserve and reference materials - LRC use only (unless otherwise specified by the instructor)

All materials may be renewed twice except when requested by another patron. A library card must be used to check out all material.

Library cards are available to students, faculty, staff and SCC district residents over 18 years old. The Student ID card is used as a library card for students. SCC students can obtain a Student ID at the reception desk in the Main Campus Atrium, just inside the main entrance.

The SCC Library charges fees for lost materials. The borrower will be responsible for the replacement cost of items not returned, which may include a processing fee.

All materials must be returned and fee records cleared at the end of each semester before transcripts are released and registration is completed.”

The book drop inside the library is located on the side of the Circulation Desk. An outside book drop is located near the entrance to the gymnasium.

SCC is a member of the Illinois Heartland Library System and shares its automated online catalog. Patrons have access to items from many different libraries within the system. These include academic, school, public and special libraries. Items not owned by the LRC may be requested through interlibrary loan on the online catalog. It will usually take up to one week for the item to arrive. The library that owns the requested item does have the right to refuse a hold.

It is the objective of the Library to maintain an atmosphere of constructive learning, academic freedom and proper asset management and control. Each user is responsible for use of the computing resources in an effective, efficient, ethical, and lawful manner. Shawnee Community College's computer usage policy is located here.

The library computers are open-access and available on a first-come, first-serve basis to students, staff, faculty, and district residents of Shawnee Community College.

Instructors may reserve the computer lab for a class ahead of time. During this time, the lab will either have limited seating, or will be restricted to the class it is reserved for.

Free black-and-white printing and copying is available with the computers in the lab.

Is the library open between semesters?

Yes, the library is open between semesters, as well as during spring break. The library is closed when the campus is closed for holidays.

Who can borrow materials from the SCC Library?

See information in the "Library/ID Cards" section above.

How can I renew the items I have checked out?

There are several ways to renew items.

  • Ask at the library front desk
  • Ask by phone, at (618) 634-3271
  • Log in to your library account on the Online Catalog and renew the item yourself

How can I use the online library system to renew a book?

To renew a book online:

  • Go to the Library Catalog, log in using your library card barcode located either on your physical card or digital Student ID, along with the pin you were assigned when you registered with the library, and click your name, then “Checked Out Titles” to see a list of items you have checked out.
  • From there, you can click renew to the side of any items you want to keep out longer. Most items can be renewed between 1-3 times.

What's my library account password?

The library staff cannot tell you your password, but can reset it for you. Contact the library staff in person, or via Shawnee College email. Community users should contact the library staff in person.

Can the library give me change for a $20.00 bill?

It is best to see the Bursar's office upstairs to get change.

I am researching a local county. Does the library have any resources to aid me?

Yes, we do. The library has a Local History section, with information on several topics pertaining to the local area. You can also check the Local History Project page of the SCC Library website.

I don't know how to use the library computers. Is there anyone to help me?

Yes, the library staff will be happy to assist you. Ask for help at the front desk.

I need to make copies of a document. Can the library help with this?

The library’s photocopier is located in the computer lab. It offers free black-and-white printing, copying and scanning.

I need to fax a paper. Can I do this in the library?

Yes. The photocopier in the computer lab will also fax documents for free. The library staff is happy to assist with the process as needed.


Contact for More Information

SCC Librarian – 1-800-481-2242 ext. 3271