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Teach and evaluate students in clinical settings at various medical facilities.  Review and understand the course objectives, both classroom and clinical, and apply the teaching techniques to best achieve course and program objectives.


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Current Illinois Registered Professional Nurse License or eligible to be licensed in IL
  • Two years of clinical practice, administration, or education


  • Masters of Science in Nursing or Master’s degree in related field
  • Successful teaching experience in a community college setting



  1. Create and sustain a supportive College culture that engages employees, recognizes diversity, ensures equity, promotes inclusion, and creates a sense of belonging by fostering an environment of teamwork, accountability, communication and vision.
  2. Reviewing and understanding the course objectives, both classroom and clinical, and applying the teaching techniques to best achieve course and program objectives.
  3. Modeling effective oral and written communication that engages the students, provides clarity, and improves student learning.
  4. Discuss with students their concerns and/or problems directly or indirectly related to the learning experience.
  5. Assisting the student to develop an understanding of values, attitudes, and ideals appropriate to the health care profession.
  6. Establishing and maintaining relationships with new and existing clinical sites.
  7. Participate in department advisory meetings.
  8. Providing clinical, classroom, and clinical/ simulation lab instruction when needed.
  9. Supervising care provided by a group of students (usually 6 to 10 students in a group) while they complete their clinical rotation in your area of specialty.
  10. Coordinating with clinicians at the clinical site to make student patient assignments.
  11. Orienting students to the clinical area, and demonstrate proper procedures.
  12. Leading discussions and eliciting information from students which demonstrate that students are learning and accomplishing the clinical objectives.
  13. Teaching students how to perform duties in the clinical site and answering their questions.
  14. Maintaining clinical standards and course expectations throughout each course or term.
  15. Evaluating and grading student performance.
  16. Maintaining the professional practice knowledge base needed to instruct learners in contemporary nursing practice.
  17. Communicating with the Simulation Lab Coordinator or appropriate person as necessary to resolve issues or concerns in clinical areas.
  18. Working effectively as part of the overall faculty team demonstrating positive interpersonal relations, collaborating with other faculty members to meet student needs, participating in faculty meetings and nursing program committees, and responding to requests from management.
  19. Participating in ongoing program evaluation activities as needed.
  20. Maintaining faculty expectations as required by the College and the Board of Nursing.
  21. Demonstrating proper respect for students, faculty, and staff and having a student-friendly manner in the conduct of the class.
  22. Clinical Instructors may be subject to vaccination requirements established by clinical sites to conduct on-site instruction for Shawnee Community College (TB skin test, COVID documentation, flu vaccination, background check, etc).


  • Perform other related duties which may be required by the Director of Allied Health & Nursing (i.e. duties that may not be specifically listed in the class specification or position description, but are generally within the occupational series and responsibility level associated with the employee’s class of work).

Salary:  $600 per credit hour

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS :  Cover letter, resume, official transcript(s)

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