Criminal Justice Associate of Applied Science

Program Summary

This two-year curriculum leads to an Associate of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice and is designed to provide the student with sufficient background and competencies required for employment in the law enforcement profession.

Students seeking a career in Criminal Justice (specifically law enforcement or corrections) are advised that when seeking employment, most agencies will require an extensive background investigation and physical fitness test. Potential employees are required to pass a basic physical fitness test (the physical test used by Illinois police agencies and academies is the Peace Officer Wellness Evaluation Report (POWER) test). Students who have been convicted of a felony are typically excluded from employment.


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First Year Courses

*These courses need to be selected for transfer to SIU-C

Fall SemesterCredit Hours
CJ 111Criminal Law I3
CJ 113Ethics in Criminal Justice3
CJ 123Introduction to Criminal Justice3
CJ 125Criminal Behavior3
*ENG 111 or ENG 124*English Composition I or Technical Communication I3
Spring SemesterCredit Hours
CJ 211Criminal Law II3
CJ 210Introduction to Victimology3
CJ 224Juvenile Justice3
*ENG 112 or ENG 221*English Composition II or Technical Communication II3
SOC 212 or *SOC 218Sociology or *Cultural Diversity3

Second Year Courses

*These courses need to be selected for transfer to SIU-C

Fall SemesterCredit Hours
CJ 213Criminal Investigations3
COM 111Business Computer Systems4
HLT 111Health2
MAT 121 or *MAT 110Technical Mathematics or *General Education Mathematics3
PSY 211Introduction to Psychology3
Spring SemesterCredit Hours
BIO 212Anatomy and Physiology3
CJ 223Introduction to Corrections3
CJ 225Introduction to Terrorism3
CJ 299Criminal Justice Internship2
COM 245Computer Forensics and Investigation3
SPC 210 or *SPC 111Interpersonal Communication or *Speech3

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Admissions and Advising

Toll Free 1-800-481-2242


Eric Howard

Criminal Justice Instructor