Committee Charge – Curriculum and Instruction Team


Committee Name: Curriculum and Instruction Team

Committee Type: Administrative – Hybrid

Mission/Purpose: The Curriculum & Instruction (C&IT) Team is responsible for ensuring the College’s courses and programs meet State and Federal guidelines. The C&IT provides oversight on activities related to course development, program development, and curriculum management. The C&IT manages the curriculum processes outlined in the Illinois Community College Board’s (ICCB) Program Manual.

Scope of Responsibility:
Policy functions of the C&IT are:

Operational functions of the C&IT are:

  • Ensure all College programs and courses meet ICCB Administrative Rules.
  • Ensure accuracy of the College’s Curriculum Master File and Master Program File.
  • Ensure all new courses are assigned the proper codes using ICCB’s Generic Course List.
  • Review curriculum proposals and make recommendations for approval.
  • Review transfer and cooperative agreements to ensure they meet all program and course standards.
  • Review programs and courses in a systematic manner on a regular basis to ensure that courses are kept current and relevant.
  • Prepare appropriate (i.e. addition, modification, deletion) curriculum forms that are consistent with procedures outlined in ICCB’s Program Manual.
  • Prepare a summary of curriculum actions for annual Board review.

Policy Responsibility: Curriculum Management (A21xx)

Reporting: The C&IT reports to the Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA). The VPAA will consider all recommendations made by C&IT and endorse those that benefit the College. All approved policy recommendations will be sent to the Executive Council for approval.

Associated Committees: Academic Affairs Council, Academic Leadership Team Academic Standards Team, Student Academic Assessment Team, Executive Council, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council.

Composition: Dean of Allied Health & Nursing Programs, Dean of Career & Technology Programs, Dean of Transfer & Adult Ed Programs, Department Chairs (4), Director of Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs, Registrar, Staff (2), and Faculty (3). The Dean of Transfer & Adult Ed Programs chairs this committee.

Meeting Dates: Third Thursday of the month from 2:00p – 4:00p