B3004 Employment, Compensation and Benefits


Policy Type: Board- Executive Limitations
Responsible: President
Related Policies: B2001, B2002, B2003
Linked Procedures: None
Related Laws: None
Related Standards: None
HLC Criterion: 1C21C2 The institution’s processes and activities demonstrate inclusive and equitable treatment of diverse populations., 1C31C3 The institution fosters a climate of respect among all students, faculty, staff and administrators from a range of diverse backgrounds, ideas and perspectives., 2A22A2 The institution operates with integrity in its financial, academic, human resources and auxiliary functions., 3C3C The institution has the faculty and staff needed for effective, high-quality programs and student services., 5A5A Through its administrative structures and collaborative processes, the institution’s leadership demonstrates that it is effective and enables the institution to fulfill its mission., 5B5B The institution’s resource base supports its educational offerings and its plans for maintaining and strengthening their quality in the future.

B3004 Employment, Compensation and Benefits PDF

Policy Statement

The President shall create and sustain a compensation and benefit system that enables the College to attract and retain high-quality employees without jeopardizing the fiscal integrity of the College. 

Accordingly, the President shall not:

  1. Unilaterally change the terms of his/her employment contract with the College.
  2. Promise or imply permanent or guaranteed employment.
  3. Establish compensation and benefits that:
    1. Create obligations over a term that cannot be sustained by projected revenues.
    2. Exceed parameters established by the Board.
    3. Cause unfunded liabilities to occur.
    4. Violate federal or state law.
    5. Fail to consider regional labor market conditions.
    6. Fail to consider job hierarchy, responsibility, complexity, skills required, experience levels, and performance expectations (i.e. grade levels).
  4. Fail to implement processes to address conflicts of interest in hiring of employees, consultants, and contract workers.
  5. Fail to disclose any known conflict of interest to the Board prior to hiring.  If any conflict of interest becomes known after the date of hire, the President will notify the Board at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.
  6. Fail to submit an annual human resource monitoring report that addresses factors related to employee compensation and benefits.
  7. Fail to periodically monitor employee compensation and benefit levels relative to regional market factors and provide the Board with a summary of the results.


Change Log

Date of Change Description of Change Governance Unit
03-07-22 Initial Adoption Board of Trustees
06-15-23 Minor grammatical edits; Added monitoring expectations; clarified expectations related to establishing compensation and benefits. Board of Trustees
04-18-24 Board Reviewed, No Changes Board of Trustees