A6200.10 Photocopiers and Network Printers

Operating Standard

Type: Administrative
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  1. Photocopy machines for College business are located at various pre-approved locations on campus.
  2. The approval for the renting of photocopy machines rests with the Chief Financial Officer. The CFO will approve the rental or purchase of additional copy machines for student use.
  3. Employees should be respectful of others’ printing/copying requirements in their area when printing or copying. No user should monopolize the printing/copying machines when others have the need to utilize this shared equipment.
  4. In using copy machines, employees are personally responsible for any violation of copyright laws arising therefrom.
  5. Students no employed as student workers may not use the college copy machines for any reason. Coin-operated machines are located in the Learning Resource Center for students to make personal copies at a nominal fee.
  6. Copiers/printers are for business use only. The coin-operated machines in the Learning Resource Center are available for personal use.
  7. College employees will not copy, in its entirety, any book, magazine, pamphlet, sheet music, tests, workbooks, or other separate published work which is still in copyright and available through normal trade channels without permission of the publisher.
  8. Each department will be assigned an account number for making photo copies and for printing on network printers.

New Policy:  July 2016


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