A5500 Asset Stewardship


Policy Type: Administrative
Responsible: VP, Administrative Services
Related Policies: B3007
Linked Operating Standards: A5500.00, A5500.05, A5500.15, A5500.20
Related Laws: 
Related External Standards: APPA; NACUBO; GFOA; ICCB Financial Compliance & Program Accountability
HLC Criterion2A2A The institution establishes and follows policies and processes to ensure fair and ethical behavior on the part of its governing board, administration, faculty and staff., 3D3D The institution provides support for student learning and resources for effective teaching., 5B5B The institution’s resource base supports its educational offerings and its plans for maintaining and strengthening their quality in the future., 5C5C The institution engages in systematic and integrated planning and improvement.

A5500 Asset Stewardship PDF


Policy Statement

Shawnee Community College (SCC) is committed to implementing responsible practices that promote efficiency, safety, sustainability, and asset preservation throughout the lifecycle of our resources. This policy outlines our dedication to managing assets that align with our values and support our mission.

Preserving assets throughout their lifecycle, in ways that enhance operational efficiency, is the target to be communicated to all participants involved in asset management within the College.  Compliance with this policy and all related operating standards is expected for all individuals responsible for acquiring, using, maintaining, or disposing of college assets. By adhering to established guidelines, standards, and best practices, we commit to ensuring safety, maximizing asset value, maintaining transparency, improving sustainability, and upholding the highest ethical standards in all our asset management activities.

To those ends, the Vice President of Administrative Services (VPAS) is directed to develop, implement, and continuously improve collaborative processes aimed at asset management practices that promote efficiency, safety, sustainability, and asset optimization. Through proactive planning, diligent implementation, and continuous improvement, we will optimize the value and impact of our resources to support our institution’s mission and goals.


Change Log Governance Unit: Administrative Services Council
Date Description of Change
06.27.24 Initial Approval