A4900.10 Smoke and Tobacco-Free Campus

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To promote a safe, clean, and healthy learning and working environment, and in compliance with the Illinois Smoke-Free Campus Act (110 ILCS 64/1), Shawnee Community College prohibits the use of tobacco or smoking products inside college facilities, college vehicles, and on all college property.  This includes the burning of any type of cigar, cigarette, pipe, electronic cigarette, or any other smoking device and/or equipment.  The use of smokeless/chewing tobacco is also prohibited.

The college specifically adopts the definitions set forth in the provisions of the Illinois Smoke Free Campus Act as a part of this policy.

This policy applies to any individual on campus property including, but not limited to, students, employees, contractors, subcontractors, volunteers, visitors, and members of the public and it is the responsibility of each individual to comply with this policy.  For first time offenses by a student, reprimand shall be the appropriate punishment.  For second and subsequent offenses, the college reserves the right to impose probation, suspension and/or expulsion from the college as a form of punishment against a student found in violation of this policy.  The process of student discipline found in the Student Handbook and adopted by the college as a part of its policies shall be the method of enforcing this policy.

As for staff and employees of the college, the college reserves the right to impose a punishment and/or penalty as the college may do in any other employment related matter that is in violation of the policies and procedures of the college.

As for other persons who are not students, staff, or employees of the college, the college reserves the right to request a person in violation of this policy to be removed from the college, campus property, and may even include that person from being barred from college property and campuses at the sole and exclusive discretion of the college.

Any student, staff member, and/or employee may appeal a decision that is determined in violation of this policy in accordance with the procedures found in the Student Handbook and/or policies and procedures adopted by the college as such procedures apply.

Any person not a student, staff, or employee of the college may appeal any action of the college first to the college President’s Office for reconsideration and then to the College Board of Trustees.   Any person desiring to appeal a decision in accordance with this paragraph must contact the College President’s office to arrange a time to speak with the College President and/or Board of Trustees.

New policy: May 2015


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