A4800.00 Employee Evaluations

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The purposes for staff assessment at Shawnee Community College are for improving skills and to provide a basis for retention of staff. 

The primary evaluator will be each employee’s immediate supervisor.  The employee, besides being evaluated, will participate in the evaluation process by completing a self-evaluation.

The immediate supervisor will evaluate the employee’s effectiveness according to the job description approved by the Board of Trustees.  To describe the effectiveness of the employee, the supervisor will prepare an evaluation summary form based upon the observations of the supervisor and the employee.  There will be two evaluation forms – (1) administrative/supervisory; and (2) classified/support.

The supervisor will complete the evaluation and present it to the appropriate vice-president for review and approval.  The employee and the supervisor will then discuss, in a face-to-face conference, the employee’s strengths and weaknesses noted in the evaluation.  The employee and the supervisor will identify major goals for the next evaluation cycle.  The employee will sign the evaluation.  If there is a disagreement about the evaluation, the employee may request a review of the evaluation with the next highest line administrative officer.

It will also be the responsibility of the employee to serve as a self-evaluator and to develop professional job goals.  Each employee may maintain personal files documenting work done toward completion of assignments.  Personal files may include scholarly activities, community service work, and college work.

These files will not be included as part of the regular personnel files, personnel files being governed by the Personnel and Records Act of the State of Illinois.  Each employee will share in the responsibility of discussing with his/her supervisor the evaluation document that notes the employee’s strengths and weaknesses.

Revised: May 2003, June 2008


Evaluation Procedure

The following procedure and schedule will be used in conducting evaluations of administrative, supervisory, professional/technical, secretarial/clerical, and custodial/maintenance personnel.

  1. A written job description will be kept on file for each position. This job description will be reviewed and will be the primary basis for establishing job objectives and performance indicators.
  2. Job descriptions will be reviewed annually by the supervisor and the employee and brought up-to-date prior to recommendations for continued employment. All job descriptions must be forwarded to the College President for approval and recommendation to the Board of Trustees.
  3. The evaluation schedule will run from January to December of each calendar year. During the period, the following activities will take place.

December – The supervisor completes evaluation forms.

January – The supervisor will present employee evaluations to the vice-president for review and approval by signature.

February – The supervisor and employee conference will be held.  The evaluation report that the supervisor has completed will be discussed, the job description updated if necessary, and the plan of action approved.  In cases where evaluations indicate non-re-employment or a significant deficiency, the employee will be given sixty (60) days to correct deficiency.

The employee will have the right to appeal the evaluation, and to do so, the employee may request a meeting with the next highest line administrator within seven (7) days of the evaluation conference.  Written files will be maintained which identify the required remediation and note the final disposition of the evaluation conferences.

Based upon the evaluation conference and the evaluation report, recommendation will be made to the line administrative officers, and, subsequently, to the President of the College regarding re-employment.  Further, progress reports will be filed with the College President regarding the status and progress of any remediation that is required.

March – Recommendations for re-employment will be made to the Board of Trustees by the President of the College.

For non-exempt employees:  At the end of each month during the orientation period (90 days), an evaluation will be made by the immediate supervisor and submitted through the appropriate Vice-President to the President.    After the orientation period, annual evaluations will be conducted by the immediate supervisor.  

New employees not falling within the normal evaluation cycle will be evaluated after ninety (90) days of employment.


Evaluation Forms

There will be two (2) evaluation forms:  the exempt form and the non-exempt form.


Determination of Annual Wage Increase

On an annual basis, the Board of Trustees will set aside funds for wage and salary increases, if funds are available.   Employee eligibility for salary increase is based upon receiving an acceptable evaluation.


Remediation Procedure

Employees who do not receive a satisfactory evaluation shall be counseled and a plan to improve performance will be developed.  A re-evaluation shall be completed after 30 days to document improvement, and if performance is not acceptable after 60 days, employment will be terminated.

Revised:  July 2016


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