A4400.05 Payroll Deductions for Other Insurance

Operating Standard

Type: Administrative
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Provided insurance companies, agents, and/or employees meet the guidelines as specified below, additional insurance may be purchased by employees, and premiums may be paid by payroll deductions.  The entire premium must be paid by the employee.

  1. Insurance not a part of the College’s fringe benefit package will be allowed under this policy (i.e., life, dental, accident, disability and cancer)
  2. The company must maintain an agent who is readily accessible to service College participants for whose benefit that company holds insurance.
  3. The company may lose its privilege of participation for any failure to meet College requirements.
  4. Each company participating under these provisions must designate one agent to serve as the company’s representative with the College and the employees and keep the name, address, and telephone number of that agent updated in the office of the Payroll Specialist at Shawnee Community College.  The representative must provide proof of company representation and be licensed to sell the type of insurance in force with College employees.
  5. Any participating company(s) must be authorized by the Director of Insurance of the State of Illinois to issue the type of insurance contracts which he sells, under these provisions, to College employees.
  6. The insurance company must be willing to accept the College transmittal each month as the evidence upon which their account will be paid by the College.
  7. All requests to initiate or terminate payroll deductions must be presented to the Business Office at the College in writing and signed by the employee making the request.  Such authorization by the employee must state the beginning and/or ending dates of the deduction and the amount to be deducted.
  8. A minimum of 10 employees must indicate participation with a particular company before payroll deductions will be established for that company.

Revised:  July 2016


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