A4100.10 General Hiring Policy & Procedure

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  1. All full-time positions and salaries at the College will be considered for creation and elimination by the Board of Trustees. Part-time positions and salaries may be established by the College President within the approved budget and ratified by the board at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  2. All employees of the College district will be considered for appointment upon the recommendation of the President except for the legal counsel, auditor, and President. Should a recommendation be rejected by the Board, it shall be the duty of the President to make another nomination.
  3. It shall be the responsibility of the President to ensure that all candidates recommended for employment meet the qualifications established by the Board of Trustees and by statutes for the positions recommended. A transcript audit review of all adjunct applicants will be conducted by the Vice-President of Instructional Services, Dean of Instructional Services, and the Department Chair to assure academic qualifications are met for instructional personnel.   In addition, prospective applicants are required to participate in an interview with the appropriate Division Chair and upon recommendation, the lead instructor for the specific field of study.
  4. All hiring shall be centralized in the human resource office that shall be advised of the existence of all vacancies.
  5. All applications should be mailed or delivered to:

    Human Resources

    Shawnee Community College
    8364 Shawnee College Road
    Ullin IL  62992


Establishment of Need

  1. When a vacancy occurs in an existing and budgeted position, the President is authorized to approve the filling of the vacancy and shall direct the administrator for the division in which the vacancy occurs to prepare a Request to Fill a Vacancy Form / Vacancy Announcement.
  2. When a new position is created and approved by the Board of Trustees on the recommendation of the president, the administrator responsible for the division in which the position is created shall prepare a Request to Fill a Vacancy Form / Vacancy Announcement.
  3. The Request to Fill a Vacancy Form / Vacancy Announcement must be reviewed by the Affirmative Action Officer for his/her concurrence that said qualifications are not discriminatory in nature.
  4. After approval by the President and/or Board of Trustees to fill the vacancy, notification shall be given to Human Resources to begin the recruitment/hiring procedures.


Recruitment Process

  1. Once the human resource office is in receipt of the approved Request to Fill a Vacancy Form / Vacancy Announcement, distribution of the vacancy announcement will be disseminated as follows:
    1. Recruitment for Level 4 Management and below positions will be posted on campus prior to being released to the news media. The President may authorize the position to be advertised in area papers.
    2. Post a vacancy announcement for all positions on bulletin boards located in the administrative area of Building H and lower faculty office area in Buildings J.
    3. The vacancy announcement will be given to the Marketing department for immediate purchase of advertisement in appropriate media and placement on the college’s website.
    4. Forward to the placement service of the public universities in Illinois, Southeast Missouri State University, and Murray State University as needed.
    5. Forward to the placement service of all Illinois community colleges as needed.
    6. Forward to the placement service of institutions with high minority enrollments as needed:

      Fisk University, Nashville, TN  37203
      LeMoyne-Owen College, Memphis, TN  38126
       Lincoln University, Jefferson City, MO  65101
      Philander Smith College, Little Rock, AR  72202  Tennessee State University, Nashville, TN  37203
      Chicago State University, Chicago, IL

    7. Notices may also be sent to national publications depending on the need for a national search.

      Chronicle of Higher Education
      Suite 700, 1255 23rd Street NW
      Washington, DC  20037

      Community College Week
      10520 Warwick Avenue, Suite B-8
      Fairfax, VA  220030

      AACJC Careerline (in the Time-AACJC Publication)
      One DuPont Circle, NW
      Washington DC  20036


Selection Procedures

  1. All applications shall be received by the Human Resources Director.
  2. As candidates apply, the Human Resources Director / Affirmative Action Officer will separate the Equal Opportunity Information Form from the application so that the hiring committee doesn’t see it. The candidate’s completion of this survey is voluntary.
  3. A search/screening committee will be utilized for all full-time staff positions. Appointments to the search screening committee shall be as follows:
    1. President– Committee to be appointed by the Board of Trustees.
    2. Vice-President/Management/Faculty/Classified – Committee to be appointed by the President and will include appropriate persons from throughout the college. The Vice-President of the division in which the vacancy occurs shall be a member of the committee and shall chair the committee unless otherwise directed by the President.

      The committee’s purpose shall be to screen, interview, and recommend the top three candidates unranked to the President for employment consideration.
  1. From the review of the applications, the employing unit and/or the search committee will select for interview those applicants who meet the criteria for the position to the highest extent.
  2. All candidates selected for an interview will be required to attend a meeting with the screening committee on campus. No interviews will be conducted via telephone. (President approval is required for preliminary interview to be conducted via technology over the Internet in extenuating circumstances.)
  3. The interview and appraisal process should be as objective as possible. The committee will rank the candidates based on job qualifications, answers given during interview, as well as overall interaction with committee. The strengths and weaknesses of each candidate will be sent along with the recommendation of the top candidates to the President.
  4. Background investigations will be conducted on all applicants selected for recommendation to the board for hire. The investigative reports may include, but is not limited to; employment history, education, criminal records, credit history, motor vehicle records, personal references, and any data provided on the application, or during the interview process.   The applicant will be asked to sign a Disclosure and Authority to Release Information form during the interview process.
  5. After all interviews of applicants have concluded, an Applicant Evaluation Form should be completed in detail for each applicant file forwarded from the Human Resources Office. Specific explanations must be provided enumerating objective, job-related reasons, why a particular candidate was not recommended for hire, or why a particular candidate was recommended for hire.
  6. The responsible Vice-President or the President’s designee shall recommend the most qualified applicant to the President for consideration. The recommendation will include at least three reference checks on each applicant being recommended for consideration and shall include references from at least two previous supervisors, if possible.   The recommendation shall also summarize the experience and qualifications of the finalist along with a copy of his/her credentials.
  7. The President shall make a recommendation of employment to the Board of Trustees for consideration. In the case of Vice-President or Presidential vacancies, the Board of Trustees may, at its discretion, elect to be involved in the screening and employment process.

All forms referred to in this policy will be maintained in the appendix of the Board Policy Manual.

Revised:  September 2011, July 2014, June 2015, July 2016


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