A3100.30 Early Admission

Operating Standard

Type: Administrative
Related Policies: A3100
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Shawnee Community College admits high school students while still in high school.

Once college credit is earned, it is on the student’s permanent record.

Expectations for early admission students:

  1. Must be a Junior or Senior.
  2. Students accepted for enrollment in college-level courses must have appropriate academic qualifications and a high level of motivation with adequate time to devote to studying a college-level course. The students’ course selections shall be made in consultation with high school counselors and/or principals and ordinarily are restricted to students in the junior and senior years of high The students shall meet all college criteria and follow all college procedures for enrolling in courses.
  3. Students enrolling in college-level courses must satisfy course placement tests or course prerequisites when applicable to ensure they have the same qualifications and preparation as other college A Dual Credit course is a college course in all respects.
  4. Dual Credit students should be prepared to participate in the same course an instructor teaches on the college campus.
  5. All Dual Credit courses are taught at the high school during secondary school hours.
  6. The college credit a student receives for successfully completing a dual credit course will always be part of the permanent college record.


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