Mission, Values & Vision


Shawnee Community College’s mission is to serve the needs of the students and our diverse community by providing quality higher education, community education, training, and services that are accessible, affordable, and promote life-long learning.



Student Centered, Community Connected



Shawnee Community College promotes student learning through the values of the community college concept, recognizing the uniqueness of each individual and the diversity of his/her needs. The College is dedicated to utilizing the resources of the institution to provide a comprehensive program to meet those diverse needs and improve the quality of life for each individual. Education is the key to preparing individuals to confront the economic, social, and multicultural issues of this century.

The College takes pride in providing quality educational and training programs that incorporate the most recent technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of our students and district residents.

Shawnee Community College is dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective comprehensive programs to all individuals within the district and the region who can benefit from such activities. The College strives for continuous improvement through the evaluation of programs, institutional effectiveness, and through assessment of student academic achievement.

The College maintains an “open-door” admissions policy, thus providing educational, economic, and community service opportunities to all, regardless of race, sex, religion, ethnic origin, marital status, handicap, or socioeconomic level.

To the extent permitted by fiscal resources, technical expertise, and inter-agency cooperation, Shawnee Community College is dedicated to a major role in the district’s future.


Values, Purposes & Activities

The following values concerning the overall sphere of college activities reflect assumptions that shape the institution in the development of its mission and operational procedures.


1. Life-long Learning

Shawnee Community College values life-long learning. As a consequence, the College provides comprehensive programs, including curriculums in liberal arts and sciences, career and technical education, as well as, adult, developmental, and community education and training.

Specific activities to accomplish this purpose include:

  • Offering pre-baccalaureate courses leading to an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Engineering Science, and Associate of Fine Arts degrees which prepare students to transfer to more advised institutions
  • Providing career and technical courses that lead to a certificate or an Associate degree in Applied Science that enable students to obtain, maintain, or regain employment.
  • Offering courses and programs that enable citizens to pursue studies of personal interest, self-enrichment, and personal development.
  • Developing adult education programs designed to alleviate deficiencies in basic skills and accommodate special student needs.
  • Providing an atmosphere favorable to learning and to the open exchange of ideas.
  • Remaining current to the educational needs of the district using the latest technological advances.
  • Providing advisement and counseling to all age groups.
  • Maintaining and improving articulation with all district high schools and appropriate four-year colleges and universities.
  • Giving meaningful assessment and follow-up to students.
  • Utilizing varied technologies to provide accessible education, training, and service to outlying areas within the district.
  • Providing volunteer and community service.


2. Role as a Change Agent for the Public Good

Shawnee Community College values its role as a change agent for the public good. As a consequence, the college facilitates area economic development, promotes cohesiveness within the community, and improves the quality of life for all citizens.

Specific activities to accomplish this purpose include:

  • Serving as a forum for debate and resolution of public issues.
  • Providing workshops and seminars for business and industry.
  • Providing facilities for organizations to conduct meetings.
  • Becoming identified as a regional institution rather than a county institution.
  • Encouraging and supporting innovation and creativity in all spheres of activity.


3. Equal Access to Educational Opportunities for all Citizens

Shawnee Community College values equal access to educational opportunities for all citizens. As a consequence, the college provides equal educational opportunities for all citizens to the extent permitted by available resources.Specific activities to accomplish this purpose include:

  • Providing a comprehensive financial aid and scholarship program.
  • Adhering to an open-door admission policy.
  • Providing advisement and counseling to insure proper placement of the student.
  • Providing developmental courses to accommodate students who are academically underprepared.
  • Providing a variety of programs to meet the diverse needs of the district.
  • Designing an admissions program based on student demographics.
  • Developing instructional centers conducive to student access.
  • Providing tutorial assistance to students needing academic support.
  • Offering online and interactive learning opportunities which enable students at a distance to meet their educational goals.
  • Maintaining low cost tuition.


4. Multicultural Diversity within a Pluralistic Society

Shawnee Community College values multicultural diversity within a pluralistic society. As a consequence, the college provides programs and activities that encourage and preserve multicultural diversity within a unified American society.

Specific activities to accomplish this purpose include:

  • Supporting student organizations that promote the enhancement of cultural diversity.
  • Displaying cultural artifacts in highly visible display cases.
  • Providing role models.
  • Offering global, multicultural courses and programs.
  • Displaying respect for all cultural backgrounds within an inclusive society.
  • Continuing to integrate multicultural materials into the Learning Resources Center collection.


5. The Dignity and Worth of Individuals

Shawnee Community College values the dignity and worth of each individual. As a consequence, the college develops programs and services which address the needs of all segments of the college community.

Specific activities to accomplish this purpose include:

  • Displaying respect and acceptance for individuals with various cognitive abilities, learning styles, socioeconomic levels, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Providing a wide range of student support services and desirable auxiliary services.
  • Providing tutorial services.
  • Maintaining small classes where individual attention is available.
  • Providing career services to assist students in making realistic career choices.
  • Creating a learning environment conducive to the enhancement of self-esteem.
  • Providing developmental programs essential for academic success.
  • Providing a comprehensive student activities program.
  • Maintaining an effective escrow program for district high school students.
  • Developing and maintaining an honors program for those students who can meet the academic requirements.
  • Promoting a safe and drug-free environment for all students and employees.
  • Promoting a work and academic environment in which all persons are treated equitably and with respect.


6. Systematic and Participatory Management Approach to Decision Making

Shawnee Community College values a systematic and participatory management approach to decision making. As a consequence, the college solicits input from all constituencies, reaches decisions based upon all available information, and communicates such decisions to the public in an orderly manner.

Specific activities to accomplish this purpose include:

  • Conducting meetings open to the public.
  • Creating advisory committees that meet on a regular basis.
  • Soliciting input from faculty, staff, and other affected individuals prior to making a decision.
  • Making public via the policy manual the procedures by which the college operates.
  • Collecting current statistical information to assist in decision making.
  • Assessing program need and effectiveness.
  • Developing and maintaining a computerized information system to enhance our decision making, instructional services, and community services.
  • Developing and maintaining effective means of internal communications.
  • Monitoring and modifying, as needed, the committee structure so as to facilitate decision making and planning.


7. Reciprocal Relationship with the Community

Shawnee Community College values its reciprocal relationship with the community, including business, civic, social, and religious aspects. As a consequence, the college fosters community partnerships in which each organization benefits from its mutual affiliation with the other.

Specific activities to accomplish this purpose include:

  • Providing accessible campus and outreach centers.
  • Cooperating with other educational entities.
  • Supporting activities that enrich the community.
  • Planning educational programs with business and industry> to promote the local economic development of the community.
  • Increasing the community’s awareness of College programs and activities.
  • Providing cultural and athletic events that enhance the community through enhanced marketing and recruitment plans.


8. Prudent Utilization of Resources

Shawnee Community College values the prudent utilization of resources. As a consequence, the college develops and administers programs, services, and facilities which are consistent with the district’s financial base and which benefit the greatest number of individuals.

Specific activities to accomplish this purpose include:

  • Operating the college within available resources.
  • Establishing appropriate purchasing and accounting procedures to insure the wise use of resources.
  • Providing and maintaining safe and adequate facilities which are easily accessible to the public.
  • Supporting the resource development activities of the Shawnee Community College Foundation.
  • Developing new sources of revenue through grants, partnerships, and business and industry.
  • Coordinating the utilization of all institutional resources to assure compliance with applicable regulations and maximize efficiency and effectiveness.


9. Pursuit of Excellence

Shawnee Community College values the pursuit of excellence. As a consequence, the college organizes and administers high quality programs and recruits and retains highly qualified personnel in all positions.

Specific activities to accomplish this purpose include:

  • Supporting faculty evaluations and development.
  • Maintaining a program of assessment and follow-up.
  • Providing educational programs that enable students to succeed in higher level courses.
  • Providing quality programs at minimal cost.
  • Providing and maintaining adequate classrooms, laboratories, and other facilities that are conducive to the learning process.
  • Providing adequate library facilities that serve the needs of students, faculty, and the community and promoting their utilization.
  • Providing an orientation program for faculty and staff.
  • Providing courses and programs that reflect current technological advances.
  • Maintaining current syllabi, texts, and materials to insure quality and consistency in offerings.
  • Maintaining or exceeding expectations established by accrediting and certified organizations.

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