Shawnee Community College offers Summer intersession courses to help students get ahead before the Fall semester


Ullin, IL. — Shawnee Community College is once again offering an opportunity to help students get ahead and stay ahead with intersession courses this summer!

Previously Shawnee College offered intersession classes during the winter break, and students welcomed the chance to get their class schedules back on track after the Covid-19 pandemic. In addition to students playing catch up, many first-time students took advantage of the accelerated “early start” opportunity to earn full college credit in just a fraction of the time.

Shawnee Community College Humanities & Social Sciences Division Chair JoElla Basler said, “The intersession courses offered this semester include English Composition, ENG 111, and Introduction to Psychology, PSY 211. These courses fulfill degree requirements for Humanities and Social Sciences, they are transferable and  are  fully online, making it even more convenient for our students.” 

The courses begin on August 2nd and run through August 13th.  Students who wish to take advantage of this opportunity are encouraged to call 618-634-3200 for financial aid information or to enroll in classes.