Agriculture Program’s Greenhouse Opens for Plant Sales


Shawnee Community College is getting geared up for the Ag Program’s greenhouse plant sale, which will begin April 5th and continue through May 7th. The plant sale focuses on vegetables, herbs, perennials, and annual flowers grown from seeds by the Shawnee College Ag Program students. 

“This sale is a great way to offer our community a chance to support SCC students who are the next generation of agricultural leaders in our area,” said SCC Lead Agriculture Program Instructor Dr. Anna Vaughn-Doom. We are really excited about the progress the students have made over the past semester and the greenhouse revitalization as part of the ag program curriculum. The greenhouse is one of many hands-on learning opportunities offered in the SCC Agriculture Program.   

The plant sale proceeds will help support the Ag Club at Shawnee Community College and the continuing operation of the greenhouse, which produces the plant stock for the annual sale.

For details and hours of operation, contact Dr. Anna Vaughn-Doom at (618) 634-3264 or email