SCC Students Work with Professionals on Trauma Skills Training


ULLIN, IL (November 17, 2023) –  Shawnee Community College associate degree nursing students and emergency medical technician students worked together in a mock disaster drill on Thursday.


The scenario for the trauma skills training was a car involved in a crash with a tractor pulling a trailer on a hayride. The scene included ten victims (SCC student ambassadors and family members of SCC employees), each with varying degrees of injuries (including one fatality).


EMT students had to assess the situation, prep the victims, load them into an ambulance, and get them to nursing students, who provided proper treatment depending on the injuries.



Illinois State Police, Johnson County Ambulance Service, and Pulaski County Ambulance Service were all on hand for the drill, which lasted about 90 minutes.


“We’re proud of how all the students responded in this situation. We made it as realistic as possible. We are fortunate to have great partners in the community who support efforts like this,” said Dorie Wilburn, SCC EMT Instructor.


Shawnee Community College cosmetology students also participated in the drill by providing makeup for the victims to make the scene authentic.


“Collaborations like this one are important for all of our students. We look forward to future events that put students in real-life situations so they’re that much more prepared for their career in the healthcare field,” said Mandy Hannan, SCC Dean of Allied Health and Nursing.


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