Now is a Great Time to Earn a CDL Due to Current Shortages


Truck drivers are in high demand. The country is bracing for a potential standstill, wondering if the pipeline shutdown will leave everyone stranded.  At the same time, many owners of trucking companies are struggling to hire enough drivers to fill demand. The current situation means even more opportunities are available for students seeking to obtain their CDLs.

SCC Truck Driving Program Coordinator Kelly Jennings says there are plenty of open truck driving opportunities for both local and over-the-road drivers.  The classes at SCC’s Truck Driving Program are continuing to fill up. The seven-week program offers graduates plenty of opportunities to connect with trucking companies and their recruiters.

Current Covid-19 restrictions allow ten students per class, and Jennings says filling those slots has not been a problem. “Right now, there are lots of opportunities for men and women looking to enter the field of trucking, and people contact us every day seeking admission into the program.  Our curriculum offers both automatic and manual transmission training opportunities so when our drivers leave the program, they are road-ready.”  

Instructors say in addition to student enrollment inquiries, they are also receiving calls from local trucking companies looking for qualified drivers. “Now is a great time to consider a career in trucking. Pay is increasing, jobs are available, and drivers can set their course for success. Without truck drivers, the nation’s economy stops. Truck drivers are delivering the fuel the country needs and the clothing, food, and supplies that keep us going, including many of the medical supplies and vaccines that have helped to reopen our country”, said Jennings.

For information about the Shawnee College Truck Driving Program, call (618) 634.3200 or visit the Truck Driving Program Webpage.


Truck Driving Instructor and Student


Photo Caption – Jessica Carter of Olmstead IL poses with her official CDL endorsement along with SCC Truck Driving Program Coordinator Kelly Jennings