As the economy recovers, SCC encourages local job seekers to set themselves apart by obtaining workforce training this fall


ULLIN, IL. (June 16, 2021)- The job market holds increased opportunities as more and more individuals begin to look for post-Covid-19 employment. Local businesses are offering increased positions and competitive wages to bring employees back into the workforce. The increased demand as things are returning to normal includes a need for additional in-person education and training opportunities. According to officials at one local college, now is a great time to pursue these workforce training options. 

Shawnee Community College is currently enrolling for the upcoming fall semester. The faculty and staff are excited to welcome back many students who may have put things like education on hold during the uncertainty of the pandemic.

SCC Interim VP of Academics, Jean Boyd, said. “We had many students working on completing their degree through online and hybrid means during the pandemic, but there were many others who preferred in-person classes that we feel may have taken a wait and see approach to obtaining training. Now that things are beginning to open, we are confident we can safely meet the needs of those students who are returning to school.”

Boyd said that historically, community colleges have stood ready to meet the workforce and training needs of local communities. “As our region continues its economic recovery effort, now is a great time to train for the open positions.  Everywhere you look, there are options for employment, and our quick-to-work certificate programs can help prospective candidates set themselves apart from other job seekers.” Boyd said “A welding certificate, CDL, electrical training, HVAC, or automotive certificate can really help people stand out among the many applications employers may receive.  This fact, along with the financial aid available and quick completion program options, can potentially provide quick advancement opportunities for our local workers.”

Shawnee College continues fall enrollment through August 18th. Vice President Boyd encourages people to contact the college quickly to speak with advisors and admissions counselors to choose a program that meets their individual needs.

For more information, contact the college by calling 618.634.3200.