Perkins & Dual Credit Coordinator


The responsibility of the Perkins and Dual Credit Coordinator is to provide the daily oversight of Carl D. Perkins Grant, facilitate aspects of the dual credit program, and serve as the liaison between Shawnee Community College and district high schools, as well. The as the daily oversight of Carl D. Perkins Grant is also responsible for the development, implementation, and assessment of services and programs aimed at increasing student completion. This is including, but not limited to, populations within our district high schools through dual credit and dual enrollment (Escrow program), traditional first-time freshman, nontraditional degree-seeking students, and students returning to college for retraining. This is a 75% grant funded position (Carl Perkins). 

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned. 

  • Works with the Recruitment and Retention Committee to develop new recruitment and retention ideas for Career and Technical Programs. 
  • Develop and prepare the annual grant budget, the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act budget, and narrative in accordance with Carl D. Perkins guidelines, and submit to the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) per the prescribed deadline. 
  • Coordinates work efforts with Deans, faculty, and program administrators to prepare the college’s annual Perkins Plan, including determining objectives and outcomes, identifying program needs, planning expenditures, and establishing timelines for meeting outcomes. 
  • Serves as the primary contact between college, District Office, and ICCB, advising faculty and staff on Perkins grant guidelines and regulations, allowable use of grant funds, and ensuring programs, activities, and purchases are in compliance with ICCB requirements. 
  • Works closely with the college’s Business Office to create a budget for personnel, purchasing and other program related expenses using Perkins funds, allocating appropriate level of funds to accounts. 
  • Monitors and tracks budget expenditures across accounts and objective allocations; initiates budget modifications and prepares paperwork for the transfer of funds in compliance with ICCB approved Perkins grant’s guidelines. 
  • Prepares quarterly reports documenting program activities and fund expenditures, intended outcomes, and success in meeting outcomes, working in collaboration with the Dean, Department Chairs, and college administrators to ensure compliance with grant reporting requirements. 
  • Prepares year end reports and assists with programmatic monitoring visits, fiscal monitoring visits, and other reporting requirements. 
  • Meets regularly with Department Chairpersons and program administrators to review timelines for initiating the procurement process to purchase approved resources (i.e. goods and services) with grant funds. 
  • Prepares and monitors the preparation of purchase requisitions to ensure grant funds are properly expended. Researches vendors, requests quotes, and works with Accounts Payable to coordinate and expedite the procurement process. 
  • Works with Chairs to develop an equipment budget and plan; manage inventory of equipment and other non- consumable items purchased through grant funds as required by grant guidelines. 
  • Attends local, state, and national training and meetings as required by the grant. 
  • Write for, and manage the program and budget of, other Perkins related grants as they become available throughout the year.
  • Communicates statistical facts regarding the college to prospective students including, but not limited to, semester and annual enrollment figures, average class size, average age of students, number of full- and part-time faculty, cost of attendance, number of students attending from each high school, etc. 
  • Correspond with WIA/WOIA or any other sponsoring agency of Career and Technical Education students providing information and/or reports as needed. 
  • Keep all files, records, and other necessary information completed or obtained for Perkins Grant students. 
  • Assist with and address phone calls, office visits, inquiries, and requests for information. 
  • Purchase and provide on a loan program basis equipment that would be needed for student success in Career and Technical Education curriculums (tape recorders, laptop computers, etc.) 
  • Prepare the A-1 Perkins Report. 
  • Represent the college in local and state organizations and meetings, and maintain contacts with outside agencies as appropriate. 
  • Attend and assist with the coordination of advisory committee meetings for the College’s Career and Technical Education programs. 
  • Provides technical and operational support in coordinating and executing various grant funded activities including professional development workshops and student events. 
  • Be an advocate for all Career and Technical Education students. 
  • Attend committee meetings as appointed by the college. 
  • Monitor the progress of students receiving direct assistance from the Perkins program. 
  • Maintains clear correspondence with SCC’s district high schools by arranging and coordinating dual credit enrollment, conducting orientations, advising, and registration. 
  • Maintain and update dual credit documents, information on the college’s website. 
  • Provides direct services to district high school students and high school counselors and assists the Dean of Academic Affairs in the coordination of dual credit meetings with students, parents, high school counselors, and Shawnee Community College Advisors. 
  • Demonstrates knowledge of national trends and research surrounding dual credit and completion and the role they play in current educational policy, including Illinois administrative rules and regulations by becoming a member of ILACEP. 
  • Responsible for working with SCC Advisors in the completion of all required registration forms for dual credit for SCC district high schools, and obtaining a list, including name and class rank, of juniors and seniors from SCC district high schools. 
  • Works in collaboration with division chairs to ensure that course scheduling is intentional and appropriate for student completion. 
  • Reviews initial, midterm, and final grade reporting to ensure dual credit instructors enter grades accurately and on time. 
  • Maintains accurate records to track and evaluate student completion. 
  • Represents the college to prospective students by presenting information about SCC’s educational programs and services and participates in orientations, open houses, and other recruitment/retention activities. 
  • Refers students to resources available through SCC Accessibility, Student Support Services, Student Success Center, and appropriate social agencies. 
  • Performs other related duties which may be required by the Dean of Academic Affairs, Vice President of Academic Affairs, or Vice President of Student Success and Services. Related duties as required are duties specifically listed in the class specification or position description, but that are within the general occupational series and responsibility level typically associated with the employee’s class of work.


Assist with the training and supervision of student workers. 

Minimum Requirements: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Student Affairs or related discipline. 
  • Valid driver’s license. 

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in Student Affairs or related discipline
  • Experience in student assessment and partnership development.
  • Three years of community college experience. 


Work is primarily in an office/college environment. Noise levels are usually moderate. Must be physically able to operate a computer. Work is usually completed in a sedentary manner, but may require walking or standing for brief periods of time. Position may involve occasional bending, lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling of objects up to 25lbs. pounds or less. 


$41,500 – $46,500

Applying for Positions

A Shawnee Community College application for employment is required for all positions. Official transcripts, a letter of application, resume, copies of applicable certificates, and two (2) letters of reference must accompany the employment application.

Employment Application 


Applications should be submitted by email to:

or by US mail:

Emily Forthman, Human Resource Director
Shawnee Community College
8364 Shawnee College Rd.
Ullin, IL 62992

For advertised and/or posted position announcements, applications will be accepted until the position is filled.
For more information, contact the Human Resource Office at (618) 634-3223.

The Human Resource Office at SCC is open between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except for holidays.