Truck Driving


Program Summary

The Truck Driving program incorporates career and personal development skills that will meet employer needs for the long haul and over the road trucking industries as well as student expectations for employment.

The curriculum will provide the student with a strong understanding of the transportation industry and provide the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully obtain licensure through the State of Illinois, meeting Department of Transportation and commercial driver’s licensure requirements.


Program Guide

Truck Driving (TDR 2100)


Admission Requirements

  • AGE: Minimum age of 18 will meet most employer age requirements.
  • PHYSICAL CONDITION: Must be able to pass a complete physical examination. Must be able to satisfactorily perform the required essential tasks as listed in the job description of the career field.
  • EDUCATION: High school diploma or High School Equivalency Certificate.
  • SUBSTANCE ABUSE: Must not use alcohol, amphetamines, narcotics, or any other habit-forming drugs. Must be able to pass a drug-screening test to comply with federal regulations.

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Credit Hours
TDR 176Truck Driving14
TDR 198Externship2


Possible Career Opportunities

  • Delivery Driver
  • Driver
  • Line Haul Driver
  • Log Truck Driver
  • Over the Road Driver (OTR Driver)
  • Production Truck Driver, Road Driver
  • Semi Truck Driver
  • Tractor Trailer Operator
  • Truck Driver



Admissions and Advising

Toll Free 1-800-481-2242

Kelly Jennings

Truck Driving Coordinator