Social Work


This curriculum is designed to prepare students for employment in agencies which provide social services to the community. The program provides skills and knowledge to prepare students for employment in welfare agencies, municipal/recreation programs, social development projects, church-sponsored youth programs, and other private or public enterprises of human welfare.

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First Year


Fall SemesterCredit Hours
ENG 111English Composition I3
MAT 210General Elementary Statistics4
SOC 122Intro to Social Problems3
SW 121Intro to Social Work3
SW 225Community Health Systems3
Spring SemesterCredit Hours
COM 111Business Computer Systems4
ENG 112English Composition II3
PSY 211Intro to Psychology3
SOC 212Sociology3
SOC 215Death and Dying3


Second Year


Fall SemesterCredit Hours
BIO 111 or BIO 115Introduction to Biology or Human Biology4/5
ECO 211Introduction to Macroeconomics3
PSY 218Child Psychology3
PHI 218Introduction to Ethics and Values3
SPC 111 or SPC 210Speech or Interpersonal Communication3
Spring SemesterCredit Hours
GOV 117American Government3
PSY 216Social Psychology3
SOC 217Marriage and Family3
SOC 218Cultural Diversity3
SW 224Intro to Social Service Agencies2
SW 199Social Work Internship2


Possible Career Opportunities: Advocate Caseworker * Community Coordinator * Family Support Worker * Home-based Assistant * Human Services Program Specialist * Mental Health Technician


Total Projected Program Cost – $9,065.00


Contacts for More Information

Jesse Smith-Fulia | Sociology/Social Work/Social & Human Services Instructor
Phone: (618) 634-3249


Admissions and Advising
Toll Free: 1-800-481-2242
Phone:     (618) 634-3200