Fish and Wildlife Management



The fish and wildlife technology curriculum is designed to prepare the student for employment in a variety of jobs related to wildlife management and conservation. The Associate of Applied Science degree will be awarded to the student upon successful completion of this program.

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Graduates of the AGR 2216 Fish and Wildlife Management program will be able to:


  • Examine the relationship between conservation, natural resources, and the industry of fish and wildlife to make effective managerial decisions. (Problem Solving)
  • Analyze the changing, contemporary environment of conservation, natural resources, and fish and wildlife. (Research and Literacy)
  • Express how employer characteristics and decision-making at various levels can enhance the success of the wildlife manager. (Personal Growth and Responsibility)
  • Recognize the importance of the impact of globalization and diversity in modern fish and wildlife organizations. (Global & Cultural Awareness)
  • Express wildlife conservation methods and processes both orally and in writing to professionals within the industry. (Communication)


This program has been identified as a TECH PREP program.


First Year


Fall SemesterCredit Hours
AGR 113Introduction to Soil Science4
AGR 228Wildlife Management3
AGR 235Tree Identification Lab2
ENG 111English Composition I3
Spring SemesterCredit Hours
AGR 112Introduction to Crop Science4
BIO 111 or BIO 213 or BIO 216Biology or Botany or Survey of the Animal Kingdom4
GRY 214Introduction to Physical Geography3
SPC 111Speech3


Second Year


Fall SemesterCredit Hours
AGR 117Conservation of Natural Resources3
*AGR 225Introduction to Forestry3
BIO 214Field Biology2
COM 111Business Computer Systems4
MAT 110 or MAT 116General Education Mathematics or College Algebra4
Spring SemesterCredit Hours
AGR 145Introduction to Agribusiness Management3
AGR 211Technology in Agriculture3
AGR 230Agricultural Chemicals3
PSY 211Introduction to Psychology3
AGR 197Agriculture Internship2


Possible Career Opportunities

Conservation Officer * Wildlife Manager * District Wildlife Manager * Game Warden * Wildlife Officer * Natural Resource Officer * State Conservation Officer * State Game Warden


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