Faculty Divisions


Allied Health Division

  • Cheri Diemer – Nursing Instructor
  • April Dollins – Nursing Instructor
  • Lorena Hines – Nursing Instructor
  • Kayla Sauerbrunn – Division Chair / Nursing Instructor
  • Amy Sheffer – CNA Program Coordinator
  • Jesse Smith-Fulia – Sociology/Social Work/Social & Human Services Instructor


The Nursing Department incorporates the college’s philosophy, values and purposes into the nursing programs. It is also the philosophy of the nursing faculty that these three traits are essential for a successful career in healthcare: knowledge, compassion and professionalism.

Knowledge of one’s profession and responsibilities provides the tools essential to be a safe and competent practitioner of nursing. Compassion is the art of caring for fellow human beings whether they be a patient, family member, or peer. Professionalism, the manner in which a person behaves, speaks, acts and presents him or herself, promotes respect and credibility in the workplace. These three traits are cultivated throughout the nursing programs.

Nursing is both an art and a science. It is a learned profession based on an understanding of the human condition across the life span and the relationships of an individual with others and within the environment. The nature of nursing is continually evolving. Nursing practice is founded on a professional body of knowledge that integrates concepts from the biological, behavioral and social sciences. The goal of nursing is to promote comfort and support quality health care. The nurse assists individuals throughout their life span to attain optimal levels of functioning by responding to the needs, conditions and events that result from actual or potential health problems (2003, NCSBN).


Business / Occupational & Technical Division

  • Craig Bradley – Electronics/Computer Science/Astronomy Instructor
  • Wendy Harris – Cosmetology Instructor
  • Eric Howard – Criminal Justice Instructor
  • Randy Lingle – Welding Instructor
  • Sherrie Malone – Computer Science Instructor
  • Derek Pender – Automotive Instructor
  • Phyllis Sander – Computer Business Information Systems Instructor
  • Ruth Smith – Division Chair / Early Childhood Education/Developmental English/Education Instructor
  • Anna Vaughn-Doom – Agriculture Instructor

Humanities Division

  • JoElla Basler – Division Chair / Psychology Instructor
  • Mike McNally – History Instructor
  • Sandy Fontana – English/Literature Instructor
  • Tim Frizzell – Speech Instructor
  • Ryan Thornsberry – English Instructor
  • Lee VanAlstine – Music Instructor
  • Robert Woolridge – English/Literature Instructor

Math / Science Division

  • Lori Armstrong – Division Chair / Science Instructor
  • David Black – Mathematics Instructor
  • Brenda Brown – Science Instructor
  • Roberta Christie – Mathematics Instructor
  • Tony Gerard – Science Instructor
  • Connie McGinnis – Mathematics Instructor
  • Ian Nicolaides – Science Instructor
  • Sheryl Ribbing – Science Instructor
  • Chris Vellella – Mathematics Instructor