Committee Charge – Student Success Team


Committee Name:
Student Success Team

Committee Type: Administrative – Hybrid

Mission/Purpose: The Student Success Team (SST) supports student retention and persistence strategies that facilitate course and program completion.

Scope of Responsibility:
Policy functions of the SST are:

  • Recommend improvement to the College’s academic support, financial aid, career services, veterans services, and records policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Recommend policies, procedures, and guidelines to ensure academic information is accurately portrayed in the College Catalog and any student handbook.

Operational functions of the SST are:

  • Monitor retention and persistence activities and provide a monthly report.
  • Collaborate with Information Technology Department to utilize the Saints Alert program.
  • Review and recommend improvements to the College’s enrollment management (from inquiry through graduation) efforts.
  • Assess, evaluate, and make recommendations for student support strategies to enhance student access, success, persistence, and goal attainment.
  • Focus on retention and persistence equity initiatives for under-prepared, nontraditional, low-income, and minority students.
  • Evaluate annual student success and equity data and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Recommend support programs and services that promote student equity.
  • Provide an annual summary of outcomes/achievements to the Student Affairs Council.
  • Research best practices and provide training related to improving student success.
  • Provide a first-year experience program

Policy Responsibility: Financial Aid (A32xx) and Enrollment Services (A33xx)

Reporting: The SST advises the Vice President of Student Affairs through policy recommendations to the Student Affairs Council and performs operational activities for the Student Affairs Leadership Team.

Associated Committees: Executive Council, Student Affairs Council, Student Life Committee, Marketing and Public Relations

Composition: Executive Director of Public Information & Marketing, Director of Recruitment & Enrollment, Director of Student Success, Director of Community Education & Outreach Centers, Student Engagement Coordinator, Student Organization Sponsor (1), Registrar, Transfer Faculty (1), CTE Faculty (1), Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Meeting Dates: Second Tuesday of the month from 10:00a – 12:00p