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SCC Offers New CAD/Surveying Program


Shawnee Community College is pleased to offer two new certificate programs starting September 2015. The two new certificates fields are identified as having a 10-20% job growth by the Department of Labor during 2012-2020. Both certificates will allow students to go directly into the workforce, build on current job skills, and/or transfer to a two or four year degree in their respective field of interest.

The Cad Certificate program is designed to serve students interested in the drafting and design fields. Drafters use software to convert the designs of engineers and architects into technical drawings and plans. Workers specialize in architectural, civil, electrical, or mechanical drafting and use technical drawings to help design everything from microchips to buildings. This certificate will give you a broad introduction and overview of all the trades related to CAD and you will take classes in the areas of architecture, mechanical drafting and design, civil drafting & design, 3d animation and you will receive a course on blueprint reading and a 10 hour OSHA job site safety certification.

The Surveying certificate is designed to serve students interested in the surveying and civil engineering fields. Surveyors make precise measurements to determine property boundaries. They provide data relevant to the shape and contour of the Earth’ surface for engineering, map-making, and construction projects. Civil engineers design, construct, supervise, operate, and maintain large construction projects and systems, including roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and systems for water supply and sewage treatment. In this program students will complete classes in surveying, computer drafting classes, & will receive a 10 hour OSHA job site safety certification.

These classes will meet conveniently on Tuesdays & Thursdays and the certificate can be completed in two semesters on campus.


Sign up now for late start classes starting September 14, 2015. For registration information contact Dee Blakely, Dean of Student Services, at 618-634-3247 or